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Why Merino is Best For Newborns

Merino wool is made from crisp mountain air, fresh grass, pure water and glorious sunshine - probably the second purest thing after your newborn baby. 
Newborns, especially if premature, are so fragile and already have to fight a bit in their first weeks. It’s so important for them to be dressed in something that is gentle on them and their skin. 
Dressing your precious little one in the best that nature can offer is something we probably don't need to convince you to do.
However, we can give you a few pointers on the best garments to invest in to ensure your new arrival is dressed in the softest high-quality essentials that fit snug and comfortably and will last through multiple nappy changes and the everyday wear-and-tear that newborn clothes get put through. 
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Happy New Year: A Letter From Our Founder

Our founder, Stine Smith, reflects back on 2017 and our goals as a business for the new year.
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how does merino wool regulate temperature?

merino wool regulates temperature and feels better than any other wool. Perfect baby wool

Did you know? Removing a layer when you’re hot or undoing a button and adding a second layer when you’re cold disrupts the natural internal micro climate.

When wearing merino, this is done naturally. So no more second-guessing your baby’s comfort level.

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from farm to fashion: never has sustainability felt this good

Our organic merino is a scarce and sought-after resource, found only on happy, soft-as-a-cloud sheep. In this blog, we tell you more about the process we follow from farm to fashion, keeping it as sustainable and natural as possible. 
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