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How merino can help your baby sleep better

While we quite enjoy watching (our merino) sheep jump around on the Alps, many new parents may find that they spend a lot of nights counting them, especially with a newborn that struggles to sleep. 

Did you know? The natural properties of merino wool could make all the difference to a good quality sleep.


merino for better sleep

For centuries, parents have been wrapping their babies in the natural fibres of wool to keep them warm and comfortable. However, a recent study by the University of Sydney showed that merino wool specifically can increase total sleep time and improves efficiency of a baby’s sleeping pattern. This is linked to the natural temperature-regulating benefits of merino, as well as its softness and health benefits. 

Whether you’re using a merino blanket, wrap or clothing, they can all help your baby to sleep better, longer and safer. 

how merino helps improve your baby's sleep 

1. Soft to the touch

Organic merino is between 17 and 20 microns, which means that, even though it is very tough and durable, it doesn't have the typical itchy sensation associated with other chemically-processed fabrics or traditional wool. 

2. Temperature regulating properties

Babies cannot regulate their own temperature before the age of 18 months, which means that they can easily over-heat or get too cold. Merino's natural temperature regulating properties helps keep them comfortable. 

3. Natural fire resistance

Merino is naturally fire-resistant and will not burn. Unlike other fabrics used in baby sleepwear, merino does not need any additional chemicals to give it this fire-resistant property. 

4. Reduces skin allergies

Compared to other fabrics, merino has a superior resistance to the build-up of bacteria and odour, reducing the risk of skin allergies. 

5. Comfortable wear

Merino can stretch up to 30% of its own length, which allows it to follow your child's movements throughout the night while still fitting snugly. 

While it may not solve all the sleeping challenges you may face as the parent of a newborn, merino will certainly ensure that your baby gets high-quality sleep. 

Shop our favourite sleepwear essentials here. 

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Are your child's clothes full of chemicals?

We all know how sensitive our babies' skins are, so you'd think that buying super-soft, easy to wash and flame retardant garments will keep their skin protected in pure and soft surroundings.

The reality is a lot of fabrics commonly used in garments may be harmful to your baby's skin, even in small doses. 

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What to look for when buying organic

Not all organic clothing is equal, and it is important that you educate yourself on how to make the most sustainable choice for your baby.
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a visit to our factory in rural New Zealand

Our merino is manufactured in a small, rural town in New Zealand. Walking into the factory, it is more like a collaborative workspace, where artisans can hone their craft in a clean, well-lit and safe environment.  
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A tried-and-tested newborn checklist for practical parents

Despite the temptation to buy all the cute baby clothes and toys in the store, your baby really only needs a few essentials to get him/her through the first few months.

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Why fashion should be an investment, not a splurge

The fruit in your bowl is local produce, the meat on your plate is from grass-fed animals, your coffee is fair trade...but what about the shirt you're wearing?
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how does merino wool regulate temperature?

merino wool regulates temperature and feels better than any other wool. Perfect baby wool

Did you know? Removing a layer when you’re hot or undoing a button and adding a second layer when you’re cold disrupts the natural internal micro climate.

When wearing merino, this is done naturally. So no more second-guessing your baby’s comfort level.

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from farm to fashion: never has sustainability felt this good

Our organic merino is a scarce and sought-after resource, found only on happy, soft-as-a-cloud sheep. In this blog, we tell you more about the process we follow from farm to fashion, keeping it as sustainable and natural as possible. 
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what do babies and Coco Chanel have in common?

baby's go-to item for all occasions - warm and safe in organic merino

Let's face it, clothing and wardrobe planning is just not getting the same attention it did pre-baby.

Good planning often ends up, in my case at least, covered in mash or what's worse.

And on that note I'd like to take you to Chanel...

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pokémon go (away??)

Kids exploring having fun outside

I would love to hate it, but I just can’t.

Am I the only one confused about Pokémon Go these days?

On one hand it’ll obviously increase our kids’ “screen time” (hate), but on the other hand it does take them outside in nature (love).

Is this the new order of the day, outside play can only be experienced through technology?
And is nature and technology in general mutually exclusive?

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