FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is merino wool so much better than normal sheep wool?
A: Merino wool is made up of thinner stronger fibres. The fibres are below the thickness where itch and prickle occurs. Also, merino can be thrown in the wash and even the dryer and will never lose it's shape or unique benefits. There are many more advantages to merino. Please read about the merino difference here.

Q: Why is merino wool from New Zealand superior to merino from anywhere else in the world?
A: The quality of the wool is made up of several factors. The most important of these are the conditions the sheep live in and their so-called level of stress. The sheep gets stressed over poor nutrition, lack of space, polluted air. If the sheep is stressed the quality of the wool decreases (much like human hair and nails - it's all made of the same stuff). New Zealand merino sheep live in the untouched Alps with space in abundance and natural organic food for everyone.